Course of Action 

Site visit for visual and engineering inspection.

Visual Architects. How to measure the space to see if it’s conducive for a mural and the process to apply it.

Sketch and design meeting with client for space.

Basic drawing 101. Bring a sketchpad and your ideas.

Visit hardware store for materials.

Accounting for artists. Budgeting the essential supplies to complete the mural

Prepare wall and floor for design.

Labor Intensive. Removing existing hardware, priming, cleaning & exterminating.

Sketch concepts on wall and measure borders. 

Black paint and tape. This is where the actual mural starts to form.

2nd design meeting with client to meet requirements.

Mural content adjusted. How to fix art once it’s painted or how to add art you didn’t expect.

Mix and prepare paint for application.

Primary colors. We can teach off this alone.

Actual painting.

Labor Intensive. Only experienced artists permitted.

Last design meeting with artists, client and community.

Final touches and major details applied.

Document the process, sign, date and exit.

Technology driven. Recording devices used for marketing. Artwork made authentic with artists signature.